As we know, all children are different, and they don't always fit the clothes for their age. My clothes are cut with this in mind, so are made slightly more generous than the standard age ranges in the shops. I would however, recommend you measure your child prior to ordering. Alternatively, if you require any special requirements before you purchase,i.e. a longer length, then please feel free to contact me.

All measurements relate to the finished garments and not body measurments.

Due to all items being handmade, there may be a slight variation in measurements in all clothing.



                           Chest        Length

3-6 Months         50cm         40cm

6-12 Months       55cm         44cm

1-2 Years            58cm         50.5cm

2-3 Years            60cm         54cm

3-4 Years            64cm         57cm

4-5 Years            66cm         60.5cm

5-6 Years            68cm         64cm

6-7 Years            70cm         67cm

7-8 Years            74cm         70cm

8-9 Years            76cm         74cm

9-10 Years          78cm         78cm

N.B  Length is from top front shoulder


                        Relaxed    Extended   Length

3-6 months         40cm        60cm        22cm

6-12 months       44cm        62cm        24cm

1-2 years             46cm        64cm        26cm

2-3 years             48cm        66cm        28cm

3-4 years             49cm        68cm        29.5cm

4-5 years             50cm        70cm         31cm

5-6 years              51cm        72cm        32.5cm

6-7 years              52cm        77cm        34cm

7-8 years              54cm        80cm        35cm

8-9 years              56cm        83cm        36cm

9-10 years            58cm        87cm        38cm

N.B  Based on elasticated skirts


                           Chest      Length

3-6 months         54cm       29.5cm

6-12 months       57cm       33cm

1-2 years            66cm       38cm

2-3 years            70cm       40cm

3-4 years            72cm       43cm

4-5 years            74cm       45cm

5-6 years            76cm       48cm

6-7 years            78cm       52cm

7-8 years            80cm       54.5cm

8-9 years            82cm       57cm

9-10 years          84cm       59.5cm

N.B Llength is from top front shoulder to lowest point at hem